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    • Commodity name: Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump ForceSeries U

    R32 Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump<br> HAYPOOL ForceSeries U Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump with silence character makes you calm down and relax when enjoy the comfortable swimming..<br> OEM/ODM Services Available

    Powered by Inverter Technology

    The heat pump runs at HAYPOOL unique inverter technology, maintaining the max stability and greatly reducing the energy consumption during running. 

    Moreover, heat pump with inverter technology can create an extraordinary quiet swimming environment for users for super low noise it will produce.

    Also, heat pump uses the most leading designs both on internal structure and appearance, enabling the unit to run with high efficiency, installed flexibly and perfectly blending with your swimming environment at the same time.



    Low Noise
    With new noise reduction inner design, the sound level of the unit at 1 meter is as low as 39 dB(A) under silence mode.



    Dual Coil Titanium Heat Exchanger
    Compared with normal single coil heat exchangers, HAYPOOL dual coil titanium heat exchanger enlarges the heat exchanging surface that increases eiciency byproviding an suicient  action area.



    Fin Heat Exchanger
    Highly customizable, at least three kinds of fin heat exchangers can be opted, including the golden fin heat exchanger, blue fin heat exchanger, hydrophilic fin heat exchanger.

    Electric Expansion Valve
    The unit uses an electronic expansion valve as a throttling device to ensure that the equipment can operate efficiently in all weather conditions.

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