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    • Commodity name: Air-to-water Heat Pump KunpengPro Series

    Air-to-water Heat Pump KunpengPro Series<br> R410A Inverter EVI Heat Pump, featured with cost-effectiveness, can be used in extremely cold area with climate temperature as low as -35℃ for heating.<br> Heat punp OEM/ ODM mode

    R410A Inverter Heat Pump works efficiently with floor heating, water fan coils or radiators for heating/cooling and domestic hot water

    OEM/ODM Services Available.

    Wide Application

    Residential heating/cooling, hot water, house, apartments, villas, etc.

    Inverter EVI Technology

    Being the smart heat pump elite, HeroPro perfectly combines eco-friendly R410A refrigerant and inverter EVI technology to produce efficient house heating and 60℃ hot water even under extreme cold climate.


    -35℃ Low Temperature Running

    According to the characteristics of the cold climate in areas with low temperature such as northern Europe, north America and Canada, the ultra-low temperature air source heat pump with strong and efficient heating capacity under -35℃ is developed. The unit is suitable for the most extreme cold area and truly realizes the stable operation under extreme temperature conditions.


    42dB(A) Low Noise

    Unique low noise fan motor with external rotor, HAYPOOL concentrated and constant development to reduce sound levels has resulted in the heat pumps amazingly quiet running at 42dB(A) with good performance.

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