Air to Water Heat Pump



Air To Water Generator SpecialLine Fontaine

HAYPOOL products create mineral water from the humidity in the air at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. We create water at the point of use giving water security regardless of mains disruption or contamination. Our products reduce the environmental impact of transporting water, ease the burden on existing water sources and remove the need for single-use plastic bottles.<br> Cooperation in OEM/ ODM mode.<br> Provide highly Air To Water Generation heat pumps

Water-To-Water Heat Pump MegaLine Nereus

Full Inverter EVI Water-To-Water Heat Pump<br> R410 Water-To-Water Heat Pump can make full use of cooling tower, ground source, solar panel or industrial waste heat, it is a ected very little by climate change. So, it can be used in extremely cold area with climate temperature for heating/cooling, and domestic hot water.<br> OEM/ODM Services Available.

Commercial Heat Pump MagicFlame Series

Full Inverter Commercial Heat Pump.<br> Commercial Heating & Cooling Sanitary Hot Water Applications.<br> HAYPOOL's inverter heat pump that inverter MagicFlame EVI series are certified as the dual-level primary energy efficiency product by the China authority. It can perform heating, cooling and hot water under wide temperature range from -36°C-55°C for commercial occassions, such as hotel, industrial factory, holiday resort, etc.<br> OEM/ODM Services Available.

Commercial Heat Pump HotPower Series

Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater<br> Air Source Heat Pump<br> HotPower series is the best choice of high cost-effective commercial water heater & Reliable industrial heat pump products for water heating, which have been mostly used in hotels, apartment buildings, school dormitories etc.<br> OEM/ODM Services Available.