Commercial Heat Pump



Water-To-Water Heat Pump MegaLine Nereus

Full Inverter EVI Water-To-Water Heat Pump<br> R410 Water-To-Water Heat Pump can make full use of cooling tower, ground source, solar panel or industrial waste heat, it is a ected very little by climate change. So, it can be used in extremely cold area with climate temperature for heating/cooling, and domestic hot water.<br> OEM/ODM Services Available.

Commercial Heat Pump MagicFlame Series

Full Inverter Commercial Heat Pump.<br> Commercial Heating & Cooling Sanitary Hot Water Applications.<br> HAYPOOL's inverter heat pump that inverter MagicFlame EVI series are certified as the dual-level primary energy efficiency product by the China authority. It can perform heating, cooling and hot water under wide temperature range from -36°C-55°C for commercial occassions, such as hotel, industrial factory, holiday resort, etc.<br> OEM/ODM Services Available.

Commercial Heat Pump HotPower Series

Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater<br> Air Source Heat Pump<br> HotPower series is the best choice of high cost-effective commercial water heater & Reliable industrial heat pump products for water heating, which have been mostly used in hotels, apartment buildings, school dormitories etc.<br> OEM/ODM Services Available.

Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump ForceSeries U

R32 Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump<br> HAYPOOL ForceSeries U Full Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump with silence character makes you calm down and relax when enjoy the comfortable swimming..<br> OEM/ODM Services Available